Our 24-hour Tanning Pills Review

We have all fallen prey to products that claim to improve your tanning chances or enhance your current tan. Who would blame any of us for wanting to have a golden and “natural glow” that is believed to be an epitome of beauty by some of us? It’s simply an absurd promise that we fall for at times. The latest promise in the market is the tan tablets that come with a promise of achieving a better tan within 24 hours.

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These pills are promising its customers of a longer lasting tan that will appear with 24 hours which is pretty much impossible. Tanning tablets need many days to build up within the body before the effects start to show.

In our experience, we started to notice the results around 14-21 days.

One of the most common components in these tablets is beta-carotene which is a common pigment in pumpkin and carrots. Beta-carotene will only give you a yellowish or orange pigmentation when consumed in large amounts. This will appear like a tan, but it will take time to gather momentum within your body and skin.

Other components in tan tablets are melanin inducing amino acids and proteins that will only make your body create more melanin. This will increase the level of protection your skin has against the sun but will not give you a tanned look. Even though it doesn’t help with the tan there is a huge positive, more melanin will mean less damage from the sun to your skin.


If anyone asks you “do tanning pills work”, you can tell them the 24-hour variety do not, but the long-term pills actually do work.

24-hour tanning pills may seem to be the best alternative for your tanning needs but by looking closely into these products will reveal just how deceiving these products are.

By all means, try and test them for yourselves. But I assure everyone that you will not be tanned by the next day. You have been warned.

Where Can I Find Tanning Tablets That Work?

There are many people who are looking for tanning tablets that work. After all, although we all love to get a dark tan, the side effects that come with normal sun tanning and indoor tanning salons are simply too much. It is because of this that people are looking for safer solutions that will equally offer the required tan without the potentially dangerous side effects. The use of tanning tablets as an alternative to the indoor tanning salons has become popular. In case you are thinking of exploring this option too, you must do all you can to find and buy genuine tanning tablets from trusted online sellers. In this post we will give you a few tips that can help you find quality tanning tablets online.Tanning Pills

Educate Yourself

It’s very hard to find tanning tablets that work if you don’t know what you are looking for. The word tanning tablet is so general and if you were to search just that, it is likely that you may have to look for a long time. It’s therefore important to do some research and find out which products are available in the market, their pros and cons, and how they work. If you can create a list of about 5 top tanning tablets in the market, then it will be easier to find them online.

Read Reviews

Now that you have created your list of the tanning tablets that you need, it’s time to find the right seller. Although you will see many sites that claim to sell genuine tanning tablets, actually a very small number of these sites will have the genuine solution.  Reading reviews will help you decide whether the seller is trustworthy or not.

Tanning Tablets

Here are some of the things that you will learn from reviews:

  • The quality of customer service – Were the people helpful in elaborating more information? Was the product shipped in time?
  • Authenticity of the product – Was the shipped tablet as good as advertised? Did it work as it was supposed to?
  • Issues with the product – Was it genuine for the customers who bought it? Did the seller ship the same product on the website?

With this kind of information, it’s very easy to distinguish between some of the best sellers in the market and the rest.

Stick With Top Brand Tanning Tablets

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of reading reviews and doing background check on various online sellers, you can simply go for the big reputable brands out there. Brands like Fly Tan have offered tanning tablets for many years and they have already built a strong customer base. It’s highly unlikely that you will have any issues with the tablets purchased from top sites.

Finding tanning tablets that work should not be a hard thing to do. From the simple tips above, anyone can easily find and buy a tablet that will deliver the best tan for them without any potential risk of side effects. It’s just that simple!

Debate: Do Tanning Tablets Work?

Many people dream of getting sun kissed skin and choose sunbathing as a means of getting the same. However, sunrays, precisely the UV rays of the sun, can damage our skin resulting in a number of skin problems. Starting from the formation of wrinkles to diseases like skin cancer- the effects can be deadly! Many people thus look for a better alternative for tanning their skin without exposing it to the sunrays. And the great news for them is: tanning tablets are here to serve their purpose without causing any harmful effect to the skin!tanningMany of you must be wondering “do tanning tablets work”? Keep reading to find it out:

Tanning tablets are primarily composed of pigments called carotenoid which is derived from fish, mushrooms and certain plants. It is the same substance that gives the carrots the characteristic orange color. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of these additives in food which makes the tanning pills a much reliable option.

These tablets are a much better alternative to the instant tanning sprays and lotions. They can be treated as a long-term solution and bring a golden glow to the skin which is, kind of, perpetual. The dosage and frequency of taking these pills, however, depends on your skin type. The pills are safe and effective provided you take them in the proper dosage.  With continuous consumption, the pills change the very tanning procedure of your body. They thus give you sun kissed skin in the most natural way.

It is known that melanin pigment is the pigment responsible for darkening the skin. Also tanning pills can speed up the process or natural tanning, they act as “tanning accelerators”, which cause the melanin production in your body to speed up. Eventually, the skin gets tanned and gets the tone you would love to flaunt.

Canthaxanthin present in the tanning pills is also a major coloring ingredient which helps in pigmentation of the human skin and stimulates tan. When high doses of canthaxanthin are taken it may cause your palms as well as the soles of your feet to turn orange.tanning-worksBut how does the change of color actually take place?

Well, the body dissolves canthaxanthin in the fat just near the epidermis. When the consumption increases, accumulation starts and the color of the skin is eventually changed.

Lastly, it can be said that though tanning tablets are a much better and safer option than the other tanning solutions, although they will not be safe for your skin unless taken in the proper method.  So, while consuming the tanning pills you should also take care of a few things. For instance, keep yourself hydrated, as well as washing your body thoroughly and ensuring the removal of all the toxins from it.

So, forget sunbeds…. forget those expensive trips to the sunny islands! Because tanning tablets really work and can help you to get the skin tone that you have always craved for!

Still asking yourself “do tanning tablets really work”? if so visit the Dark Lush website for further reading.

Benefits To Using Tanning Tablets

Achieving stunning tanned skin is no longer the time-consuming and sometimes expensive process it used to be. With tanning tablets, there is no longer any need to schedule solarium visits or to slot time to go down to the beach.Benefits Tanning TabletsFor a long time, the best alternative to the two aforementioned options was to use skin tanning lotions also known as pour-ons. These lotions feature an active ingredient that eliminates the dead cells atop the skin’s epidermis. This interaction results in the skin becoming tanned and the effect can last for up to a week. However, as a result of the skin shedding its dead cells every day and the body renewing the epidermis after forty days, the tan effects also die away, leaving behind unsightly patches.

With tanning tablets, it is completely different. Tanning tablets provide two solutions. The first looks to address the component of the skin responsible for the golden-brown colour i.e. melanin, and whereby the tanning vitamins that influence melanin production are introduced. The other solution is to produce an artificial tan by introducing pigmentation ingredients to the body. Most of these products also contain minerals and other vitamins that are necessary for protecting the skin against the risks of exposure to the sun’s UV rays.Tanning TabletMelanin is located in the basal layer of the epidermis, and this is probably why the pour-on lotions cannot effectively influence it. Tanning tablets, on the other hand, introduce tyrosine, and which is the amino acid that the body needs to produce melanin. These tablets are therefore supplements which see to it that the melanin levels in the body remain adequate. In addition, these supplements also contain copper, an element that is often deficient in our regular meals but which is a key component in facilitating the synthesis of melanin.

As for the pigmentation option, tanning tablets contain carotenoids, and which are organic compounds responsible for the coloration of the living tissue in both animals and plants. The most common forms of the carotenoids are the alpha and beta carotenes, and which when introduced to the body generate a bright brown colour. Beta-carotene is the preferred pigment, not only for its red-orange coloration effects but also for its other benefits which include protection against night blindness, skin disorders, flu, colds and other opportunistic infections. Further, it is an antioxidant and it thus protects the body cells, in addition to helping to slow down the aging process.

While conducting your research for quality tanning tablets you are likely to come across products containing canthaxanthin as the pigmentation contributor. People are discouraged from using this product as it has a side-effect and which can be described as the formation of yellow pigments on the eye’s retina. Tanning tablets with carotenoid and tyrosine, such as Spa tan tablets are considered to be the best tan products, and which may be combined so as to achieve that deep, enhanced, darkened and prolonged tan. Get tanning tablets and enjoy an enviable and beautiful skin.

Why Tanning Pills Are Quickly Becoming Popular

Ok, so there is a plethora of people across the globe who are constantly in search of effective, successful and safe tanning products and techniques.  There is surely a wide range of such tanning products and services available on the market today.  The biggest challenge for consumers is finding and selecting the perfect tanning product or service to be able to achieve their individual tanning results.Tanning Pills

In today’s world, there is a wide range of providers who have created and developed training resources of every type.  One of the newest and most effective resources for achieving and maintaining a bronzed, tan is that of safe and effective tan supplements.  These tanning tablets have proven to be every bit as safe as they are effective and are every bit affordable as well.  With a variety of tanning spas marketing and offering these tanning products, it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to determine which tablets and which providers are indeed the best and the most reliable.

Why Are Tanning Pills Becoming So Popular?

tan-lookTanning in the direct UV rays of the sun, in tanning beds, with tanning lamps, or by using tanning oils, creams or lotions have been around for a lifetime.  However, in today’s market and industry the newest form of sun tanning product is that of tanning tablets.  You may ask why they are becoming so popular.  The answer is quite direct and simple.  Tanning tablets are made up of all natural organic substances.  The tablets are FDA approved and are proven to produce gorgeous, bronzed tanned bodies with little to no effort at all.  The tablets have no dangerous side effects, or harmful risks and certainly to not contribute to any type of skin cancers at all.  For all these reasons, and the simple fact that tan supplements really work, and are very affordable they are fast becoming the most popular source for achieving and maintaining a tanned body year round.

It goes without saying that if you are a tan worshipper like so many thousands of other people across the globe, then surely you want to be able to engage in an effective and safe tanning product that you need not fear or worry about.  Rio Tanning tablets are just the product for you.  Our product has earned a spot at the top of the charts as one of the best all round tanning products available on the market today.

People everywhere are raving about our quality tanning tablets.  Men and women alike, again all across the globe, are finding complete satisfaction in our amazing product which is why we are enjoying our award-winning presence in the industry today.  We are confident that anyone who elects to purchase our innovative, highly effective tan supplements will be completely satisfied.

Surely a satisfied customer makes for a repeat customer which is why we are so dedicated and committed to providing all our customers with helpful insight and information about tanning tablets.  Tanning pills are truly becoming the most popular and favored source for sun tanning today and surely our Rio Tanning Tablets are right there at the top of the charts.

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