Debate: Do Tanning Tablets Work?

Many people dream of getting sun kissed skin and choose sunbathing as a means of getting the same. However, sunrays, precisely the UV rays of the sun, can damage our skin resulting in a number of skin problems. Starting from the formation of wrinkles to diseases like skin cancer- the effects can be deadly! Many people thus look for a better alternative for tanning their skin without exposing it to the sunrays. And the great news for them is: tanning tablets are here to serve their purpose without causing any harmful effect to the skin!tanningMany of you must be wondering “do tanning tablets work”? Keep reading to find it out:

Tanning tablets are primarily composed of pigments called carotenoid which is derived from fish, mushrooms and certain plants. It is the same substance that gives the carrots the characteristic orange color. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of these additives in food which makes the tanning pills a much reliable option.

These tablets are a much better alternative to the instant tanning sprays and lotions. They can be treated as a long-term solution and bring a golden glow to the skin which is, kind of, perpetual. The dosage and frequency of taking these pills, however, depends on your skin type. The pills are safe and effective provided you take them in the proper dosage.  With continuous consumption, the pills change the very tanning procedure of your body. They thus give you sun kissed skin in the most natural way.

It is known that melanin pigment is the pigment responsible for darkening the skin. Also tanning pills can speed up the process or natural tanning, they act as “tanning accelerators”, which cause the melanin production in your body to speed up. Eventually, the skin gets tanned and gets the tone you would love to flaunt.

Canthaxanthin present in the tanning pills is also a major coloring ingredient which helps in pigmentation of the human skin and stimulates tan. When high doses of canthaxanthin are taken it may cause your palms as well as the soles of your feet to turn orange.tanning-worksBut how does the change of color actually take place?

Well, the body dissolves canthaxanthin in the fat just near the epidermis. When the consumption increases, accumulation starts and the color of the skin is eventually changed.

Lastly, it can be said that though tanning tablets are a much better and safer option than the other tanning solutions, although they will not be safe for your skin unless taken in the proper method.  So, while consuming the tanning pills you should also take care of a few things. For instance, keep yourself hydrated, as well as washing your body thoroughly and ensuring the removal of all the toxins from it.

So, forget sunbeds…. forget those expensive trips to the sunny islands! Because tanning tablets really work and can help you to get the skin tone that you have always craved for!

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