Our 24-hour Tanning Pills Review

We have all fallen prey to products that claim to improve your tanning chances or enhance your current tan. Who would blame any of us for wanting to have a golden and “natural glow” that is believed to be an epitome of beauty by some of us? It’s simply an absurd promise that we fall for at times. The latest promise in the market is the tan tablets that come with a promise of achieving a better tan within 24 hours.

a tanned lady on a beach wearing a bikini

These pills are promising its customers of a longer lasting tan that will appear with 24 hours which is pretty much impossible. Tanning tablets need many days to build up within the body before the effects start to show.

In our experience, we started to notice the results around 14-21 days.

One of the most common components in these tablets is beta-carotene which is a common pigment in pumpkin and carrots. Beta-carotene will only give you a yellowish or orange pigmentation when consumed in large amounts. This will appear like a tan, but it will take time to gather momentum within your body and skin.

Other components in tan tablets are melanin inducing amino acids and proteins that will only make your body create more melanin. This will increase the level of protection your skin has against the sun but will not give you a tanned look. Even though it doesn’t help with the tan there is a huge positive, more melanin will mean less damage from the sun to your skin.


If anyone asks you “do tanning pills work”, you can tell them the 24-hour variety do not, but the long-term pills actually do work.

24-hour tanning pills may seem to be the best alternative for your tanning needs but by looking closely into these products will reveal just how deceiving these products are.

By all means, try and test them for yourselves. But I assure everyone that you will not be tanned by the next day. You have been warned.

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