Benefits To Using Tanning Tablets

Achieving stunning tanned skin is no longer the time-consuming and sometimes expensive process it used to be. With tanning tablets, there is no longer any need to schedule solarium visits or to slot time to go down to the beach.Benefits Tanning TabletsFor a long time, the best alternative to the two aforementioned options was to use skin tanning lotions also known as pour-ons. These lotions feature an active ingredient that eliminates the dead cells atop the skin’s epidermis. This interaction results in the skin becoming tanned and the effect can last for up to a week. However, as a result of the skin shedding its dead cells every day and the body renewing the epidermis after forty days, the tan effects also die away, leaving behind unsightly patches.

With tanning tablets, it is completely different. Tanning tablets provide two solutions. The first looks to address the component of the skin responsible for the golden-brown colour i.e. melanin, and whereby the tanning vitamins that influence melanin production are introduced. The other solution is to produce an artificial tan by introducing pigmentation ingredients to the body. Most of these products also contain minerals and other vitamins that are necessary for protecting the skin against the risks of exposure to the sun’s UV rays.Tanning TabletMelanin is located in the basal layer of the epidermis, and this is probably why the pour-on lotions cannot effectively influence it. Tanning tablets, on the other hand, introduce tyrosine, and which is the amino acid that the body needs to produce melanin. These tablets are therefore supplements which see to it that the melanin levels in the body remain adequate. In addition, these supplements also contain copper, an element that is often deficient in our regular meals but which is a key component in facilitating the synthesis of melanin.

As for the pigmentation option, tanning tablets contain carotenoids, and which are organic compounds responsible for the coloration of the living tissue in both animals and plants. The most common forms of the carotenoids are the alpha and beta carotenes, and which when introduced to the body generate a bright brown colour. Beta-carotene is the preferred pigment, not only for its red-orange coloration effects but also for its other benefits which include protection against night blindness, skin disorders, flu, colds and other opportunistic infections. Further, it is an antioxidant and it thus protects the body cells, in addition to helping to slow down the aging process.

While conducting your research for quality tanning tablets you are likely to come across products containing canthaxanthin as the pigmentation contributor. People are discouraged from using this product as it has a side-effect and which can be described as the formation of yellow pigments on the eye’s retina. Tanning tablets with carotenoid and tyrosine, such as Spa tan tablets are considered to be the best tan products, and which may be combined so as to achieve that deep, enhanced, darkened and prolonged tan. Get tanning tablets and enjoy an enviable and beautiful skin.

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